West Hull Rare Books are dealers of near fine first edition quality titles, we have something to suit every budget from £20.00 to £20,000.00. The collection of signed first edition below is just a small example of the quality titles we have to offer, you can view our full portfolio of books via the shop.

Information About Signed First Edition Books

A signed first edition book is not only appealing because of the increased value, but also provides collectors satisfaction to acquire a rare version of a reputable book. We at West Hull Rare Books share your passion for collecting quality titles signed by recognisable authors and are constantly broadening our collection to present to you.

If you are looking to purchase signed first edition books in near fine condition for your collection, we at West Hull Rare Books have a variety of quality titles to offer you. We focus on acquiring rare and first edition books in a near fine condition, we also purchase books for our own collection from interested customers.

We currently hold more than three hundred rare books in our collection, many of which are signed first edition books inscribed by authors, movie actors and other reputable individuals. We welcome any clients showing interest in our collection to come and take a look in person.