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Information About Harry Potter First Edition Books

The Harry Potter series of novels are considered as a global phenomenon which gained incredible recognition. The novels which struck the hearts of many are often described as unique and fascinating worlds of storytelling. Our Harry Potter first edition books are part of a rare circle of books often desired by collectors and novel enthusiasts.

Being the owner of a Harry Potter first edition book like these presented below is considered to owning a prized trophy. Some of the novels in our collection signed by the famous author J.K Rowling herself are of great desire to large quantities of dealers and collectors.

The harry potter series is comprised of seven titles, these are:
Harry Potter First Edition Books

In summary, the Harry Potter novels below revolve around the protagonist Harry Potter whose parents are killed by evil wizards, Voldemort. Harry Potter’s life was discussed in detail in the seven Harry Potter books. In his life he has gone through several challenges, hurdles and problems, but was aided by his two best friends, Ron and Hermione, alongside several other characters like his teachers, colleagues and other-worldly entities he meets along the way.